Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to investing in the communities in which we operate. As a core part of our project planning we identify where we can make a positive impact upon the communities in which we are working. This is vitally important in isolated communities that have been affected by conflict, reconstruction or neglect.

Our Chief Operating Officer is responsible for developing a Corporate Responsibility plan for each project. We have made a difference in communities as diverse as Iraq and Nigeria. SLL is particularly focused on supporting community projects that focus on Children’s health, education and sport. We work with community leaders to ensure that we put our support in the right areas. As a distinct policy we do not give money directly to any project. Once a Community project has been agreed we ensure that the end product is delivered to that community. Whether it be improved sanitation, books or computers for schools or sports equipment for local clubs, our project managers ensure that the support goes to those who need it most.

We have assisted Sumitomo Corporation and The U.S. Department of State with water purification and supply in some of the most difficult areas of Baghdad through our community relations strategies. We pride ourselves on getting to know and understand the problems and difficulties of the people in areas in which we operate and always seek to adhere to the local customs and culture. Our advisors and consultants, from government level down to community level, are linguists with years of experience in diplomacy and international relations.